School Furniture

Our school furniture, made from the highest quality raw materials, is safe, comfortable, resistant, ergonomic and functional. It promotes collaboration, dialogue and facilitantes the learning process.

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To innovate and transform classroom work, our school furniture proposal promotes:

Creation of dialogical spaces

Our furniture encourages dialogue in the classroom. It allows organizing group work, distributing space and carrying out different activities according to the needs of each student

Variety of arrangements

Our chairs and tables favor a proper posture and give sufficient space for various work materials while allowing mobility within the classroom.

Heterogeneous organization

All our furniture is designed to promote individual and collaborative work, enhancing the harmonious coexistence and strengthening the social competences of each student.

Collaborative learning

The versatile furniture provides the opportunity for the teacher to act as a facilitator and promoter of experimentation, debate and research.


We use raw materials of the highest quality to ensure that all our furniture exceeds your expectations and meets the demands of classroom work.

10 years

This is our guarantee for all products without moving parts and electrical components.

5 years

The 5-year warranty applies to all products with moving parts such as hinges, wheels, plates and cranks.

2 years

All electrical components of our products are guaranteed for 2 years.


To create environments that favor learning, our school furniture is adapted to the needs of students of each educational level:

Piernas 310mm 380mm 430mm
Tronco 530mm 640mm 710mm

Day care centers

We offer furniture and psychomotor equipment for nurseries and children's rooms.


School furniture

For Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Upper Secondary Education; it transforms the classroom into a flexible and multifunctional space.



Equipment, furniture and supplies for school laboratories in physics, chemistry, mechanics, electricity and electronics.


Physical activity

Kits that promote physical activity, develop motor skills and perfect movement patterns.